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Heather Pauling & Derek Pauling | Owners

Biffs, Inc.

Burnsville, MN

Project Results


The second-generation family-owned Biffs, Inc. is the premier portable restroom provider in the Twin Cities metro area. They have thousands of portable restrooms deployed to events and other locations that require service and sanitation. 

This project started with the client looking for yard space until they learned that adding a permanent structure was a better long-term solution for the site.  They contacted Shaw Construction again for this project since they had a good experience with the recent construction of their headquarters in Shakopee

The initial design scope called for 10k square feet of space. Through The Shaw Process, Biffs saw how expanding the size would accommodate a tenant space and additional revenue. The design also evolved to include a security fence around the property.


Because The Shaw Process identified both issues, we turned lemons into lemonade to schedule the most economical soil correction during the long lead time. The site was ready before the materials arrived.

Shaw worked with Xcel and the erectors to ensure the power lines were not interefered with making the site was safe for everyone.